From personal burnout experience to being a part of the solution.

The story about Noon’s purpose and origins

At Noon, we're on a mission to revolutionise how organisations approach workplace stress and employee well-being. Our journey began with a personal story, one that underscores the vital importance of our work.

The founder's journey:
From burnout to breakthrough

Our founder, Hendrik-Jan, experienced burnout that fundamentally changed his perspective on workplace well-being. During his recovery, he realised that individual well-being is intricately linked to the organizational environment. This realisation led to the inception of Noon, born from the belief that no one should suffer in silence and that well-being is a collective responsibility.

The problem:
Rising stress in the digital age

In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving workplaces, stress has become a chronic issue, leading to significant costs related to lost productivity, high turnover, and burnout. The root causes of stress are often invisible to leadership, making effective interventions challenging.

Our commitment:
Science-based, human-centric solutions

Daily reflections with Noon:

Through our integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams, Noon facilitates daily reflections on well-being. These reflections, supported by AI, help in the quick identification of people's work preferences; what fits them, and what makes them feel stressed.

Continuous improvement
for sustainable well-being:

Noon empowers teams with tools to ensure an ongoing balance between productivity and well-being, offering science-backed strategies to secure a good fit with work by managing stress effectively.

Practical steps for balance:

We advocate for ongoing evaluation and adaptation of strategies to ensure the fit remains there as a dynamic and integral part of team culture.

What is next for Noon?

Our journey at Noon is guided by a profound commitment to transform workplace cultures globally. Driven by firsthand experiences with workplace stress, we’re passionately dedicated to creating a workplace where people thrive, with work fitting to their preferences. We envision a future workplace where people are aware and mindful of stress, empowered, and strengths-focused. Join us as we continue to innovate and lead the way towards a world where well-being is at the heart of every organisation.

The Founders

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Saul Johnson


Makes him happy at work:
Performing card tricks for his team-mates

HJ Griffioen


Makes him happy at work:
Hiding and seeking Snickers around the office

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