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At Noon, we're your dedicated partner in conquering workplace stress. Seamlessly integrate our science-backed stress management solutions to boost team well-being, proactively enhance productivity, and eliminate the high costs associated with chronic stress.

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Instant well-being insights

Noon integrates seamlessly with Slack, enabling employees to reflect on their well-being and work preferences in real time. Measure daily engagement with a single, work-related well-being question, and conversational supported by our AI.

Actionable productivity suggestions

Noon empowers teams to balance productivity and well-being by identifying stressors and energisers. Take practical steps based on our science-backed methods, ensuring tangible results based on actionable insights and suggestions to improve work-life balance.

Data driven well-being decisions

Noon provides anonymous data reports for informed decisions, optimising the fit between employees and work. Employees become more engaged by gaining insights into how they and their team influence your company's success.

Work related stress is a sensitive topic

Introducing a tool that screens, in which areas of work, your employees experience higher stress is not an easy task. Trust in the tool and data privacy are just some of the concerns you might have, and rightfully so. We are always available for a 15 min chats to answer all your questions and concerns about how Noon works.

Join our mission

By choosing Noon, you're not just adopting a tool; you're joining a mission to transform workplace well-being. Together, we can create a workplace where stress is managed, well-being is prioritised, and productivity soars.

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