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Big news: Noon is now integrated with Microsoft Teams!

Written by
HJ Griffioen
Published on
January 29, 2024


Hey there, Noon community!

We've got some exciting news to share with you all! Noon, your trusted partner in conquering workplace stress, is now integrated with Microsoft Teams. This is a big step forward from our successful integration with Slack, and we're thrilled to tell you all about it.

Why this matters

For those new to Noon, let's take a quick step back. Noon is more than just a tool; it's a mission to transform the way we handle stress in the workplace. With our science-backed approach, we've been helping teams manage stress and enhance productivity in a way that's both effective and respectful of personal well-being.

A match made in productivity heaven

Now, by integrating with Microsoft Teams, we're bringing these benefits to even more people. This means more seamless experiences, actionable productivity insights, and data-driven decisions right where you work.

What's Noon and Microsoft Teams about?

  • Seamless integration: Noon fits right into your Microsoft Teams environment. It's all about making well-being support accessible and non-disruptive to your day.
  • Empowering teams: We help you spot stressors and turn them into energizers, balancing productivity with well-being.
  • Data at your fingertips: Managers get valuable insights with anonymous data reports to make informed decisions and improve team dynamics.

A word from the team

This is a remarkable milestone and I’m very proud of the team for achieving this, a job well done! We are now able to partner up and integrate our services with organizations using Microsoft Teams to run their internal communications. Based on the learnings we gathered integrating with Slack, we can provide a ton of value right from the get-go. This marks a new chapter in servicing a wider range of teams eager to oversee well-being on a real-time basis.

Hendrik-Jan Griffioen, CEO of Noon

I couldn't be more excited about this! We've seen first-hand what Noon can do for organisations who use Slack, but until now it wasn't possible for us to empower folks on Teams in the same way, even when they really wanted to try Noon for themselves. Building Noon for Teams has been on the roadmap since we first embarked on our mission to help workplaces build amazing team cultures all over the world and now, almost a year to the day since we wrote our first line of code, we can say we've done it!

Saul Johnson, CTO of Noon

Join the mission

By choosing Noon, you're not just adopting a tool, you're embracing a movement towards a more sustainable, stress-managed workplace where employee well-being is a priority.
Want to explore the product? You can get started with a free trial here.

For more information about Noon and its integration with Microsoft Teams, schedule a demo with Hendrik-Jan here.

About Noon

Noon, a Builders company, is at the forefront of bridging academia and the workplace through stress research. Our goal is to help teams build a healthy relationship with work, leading to enhanced well-being and productivity.

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