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Daily reflections

By offering a safe space and asking the one quick science-based question a day, your team can learn what energizes them and what drains their energy. By doing so, they can become aware on the impact stress has on their team. Teams can eliminate stressors and foster a healthier and more productive work environment.

Monthly reports

Is your team aligned with its values? Spot frictions, understand team stress points, and get direct feedback on how you're performing compared to the average company. Every month, on the 28th, an extensive Report highlights the main areas in which your team is shining, and what areas need some improvement.

Noon checks in daily with our entire team and gives me the sense on how are they currently feeling about work. It also shows me on which areas to focus to improve team’s happiness.

Roel Schatorjé,

Full list of features included in every plan

Individual insights

Individual insights visualise your relationship with work and how your reflections are different to other team members.

Team insights

Spot team trends and quickly identify both strengths and misfits, guiding you to what to celebrate and what to improve on.

Organisational insights

See how you and your team are doing compared to the whole organisation, experiment with well-being strategies on all 3 levels.

Organisational Check-in

Receive direct feedback from people in your organisation within minutes after initiating check-ins.

Automated Questioning

Automated questioning allows you to see results coming in on a daily basis without the need for scheduling and interpreting.

The right questions

Science-backed questions designed to determine your teams relationships with work.

Best practices

Teams can list best practices that showcase what they did to reach their level of high performance.

Quick onboarding

Quick and seamless onboarding that allows you to start with daily reflections within 5 minutes of signing up.

Best practices shared

Noon provides teams with indicators signaling out topics the team improved on most and on what topic to improve on next.

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Noon Ai ✧*

At the end of each working week, Noon helps you to reflect on how things have gone since Monday. It's a moment to share what's been on your mind. Noon responds and helps you to grow both personally and professionally.

* Noon Ai is currently in beta testing phase, and soon it will be available in every plan. If you are interested in testing it or just want to learn more, get in touch with us! ↓


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