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Integrate Noon within your Slack & MS Teams workspace. Invite your team when you feel ready to spot and address root causes of stress and misalignment.

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Make reflecting part of everyday work life. It will take your team less than a minute to participate. Questions are science-backed and benchmarked.



No need to interpret data from lengthy surveys. Noon provides focus and follows up with tailored actions, to support your teams to improve.



Noon regularly checks back in on team members, to learn what course of action works best. The learning curve results in more impact on team performance over time.



When teams notice their reflections result in meaningful action, performance goes up, as will team loyalty reflected in higher eNPS scores.

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Proven impact

Noon has helped organisations worldwide improve employee well-being, reduce sickness absence, and increase productivity and eNPS score.

Data-driven insights

Make informed decisions with our anonymous data reports, optimising the fit between employees and work for better results.

Seamless intergration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it effortless to incorporate stress management into your daily work routines.

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